The Animatrix: The Album
Various Artists
Released June 3, 2003
Length 73:01
Label Warner Bros.

The Animatrix: The Album is a 2003 soundtrack album from The Animatrix collection films.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Who Am I? [Animatrix Edit]" by Peace Orchestra
  2. "Big Wednesday" by Freeland
  3. "Blind Tiger" by Layo & Bushwacka!
  4. "Under the Gun" by Supreme Beings of Leisure
  5. "Martenot Waves" by Meat Beat Manifesto
  6. "Ren 2" by Photek
  7. "Hands Around My Throat" by Death in Vegas
  8. "Beauty Never Fades [Animatrix Edit]" by Junkie XL featuring Saffron
  9. "Supermoves [Animatrix Remix]" by Overseer
  10. "Conga Fury [Animatrix Edit]" by Juno Reactor
  11. "Red Pill, Blue Pill" by Junkie XL
  12. "The Real" by Tech Itch & Don Davis

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