Tank (played by Marcus Chong) appears in the first film of The Matrix series.

Tank watched over not only the jacked-in crewmembers, but also the ship itself in case the Sentinels, killing machines, detected the ship. Like all Operators, Tank was a skilled programmer who could provide jacked-in crewmembers almost anything they needed and guided them to and from dangerous events within the Matrix.

Unlike his crewmates Apoc, Switch, Mouse, Cypher, Trinity, Captain Morpheus, and Neo, neither Tank nor his older brother Dozer were grown artificially in the Machine's human harvest fields for insertion in the Matrix powerplant, but born in the real world, in Zion, the last human city. As a result, Tank and Dozer don't have the various jacks and connectors in their bodies as the other humans who once lived within the Matrix.

Tank was tending to the remaining crewmembers when Agents and police attacked them after their return from The Oracle. Tank was able to retrieve Cypher, but as he tried to retrieve the remaining crew, Cypher shot and severely injured Tank with a EMP gun and killed Dozer. Cypher was able to kill Apoc and Switch by removing their jacks from their bodies, forcibly disconnecting their minds from the Matrix. However, before Cypher could kill Neo and Trinity, Tank regained consciousness and killed Cypher with the same EMP gun that Cypher had used on him and Dozer.

Tank was able to resume his duties to aid Trinity and Neo in rescuing Morpheus from a military-secured building, and to witness Neo's transformation into The One.

The crew could not heal his wound due to the fact that the plasma shot left his wound permanent. Tank died two months after the events in The Matrix but before the events in the sequel, The Matrix Reloaded.[citation needed] The character's duties as ship's Operator was handed over to Link, who is married to Tank and Dozer's sister, Zee.

The demise of the character was reportedly due to actor Marcus Chong's salary demands and conflicts with the Wachowski brothers, the writers and creators of the Matrix series, leading to his removal.

The character of Tank was based on Irish Hobo Thomas 'Tank' o Connolly who the Wachowski brothers had met on a trip to Ireland in 1992. On Tank Larry Wachowski said, 'Tank isn't just a person he's a state of mind. When we first saw him walking down the street struggling to keep his trousers up and breathe at the same time, we said, "yes, that's the guy for us"'.