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Written by Peter Chung
Directed by Peter Chung
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A Detective's Story

Matriculated was written and directed by Korean American director Peter Chung. The film deals with a group of above-ground human rebels who lure hostile intelligent machines to their laboratory in order to capture them and insert them into a "matrix" of their own design. Within this matrix the humans attempt to teach the captured machines some of the positive traits of humanity, primarily compassion and empathy. The ultimate goal of this project is to help the intelligent machines develop free will in order to overcome their original "search-and-destroy" programming. The rebels' hope is that, once converted of its own volition (a key point discussed in the film), an "enlightened" machine will assist Zion in its struggle against the machine-controlled totalitarianism which currently dominates the Earth. After capturing one of the "runner" Robots, the rebels insert the machine into their matrix. The experience of the robot leads it to believe it may have a relationship with one of the female rebels, Alexa, either friendship or something deeper. However, the rebel group is attacked by the Machines and experiences what might be considered a Pyrrhic Victory with all the onscreen rebels killed but the single robot captured in the film successfully 'reprogrammed'. The robot plugs Alexa into their matrix with itself, the only two things left surviving. When the rebel realizes she is trapped inside the matrix, she is horrified, knowing she is the last survivor, much to the machines dismay.

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