Link (played by Harold Perrineau) serves as the ship's pilot and operator for the crew of the Zion hovercraft Nebuchadnezzar in the movies The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions.

Link was Zion-born and married to Zee. After his brother-in-law Dozer was killed by the traitor Cypher, Link took over the functions as operator and pilot of the Nebuchadnezzar in respect to a promise he made to Dozer. Zee, after "losing two brothers to that ship" (Tank died before the beginning of The Matrix Reloaded due to his injuries in The Matrix), feels strongly that Link should find another ship to serve. She repeatedly tells Link that his Captain Morpheus is crazy and that because the Nebuchadnezzar spends more time out of Zion than the rest of the fleet, she spends much less time with Link than ideal.

Link did not believe in the religious aspects that Zee believed (the specific religion is never discussed); but when the Nebuchadnezzar leaves Zion to meet the Oracle (never to return again), Link chose to wear a prayer chain given to him by Zee for luck.

Link guided fellow crewmates Neo, Trinity and the ship's captain Morpheus while they were inside the Matrix. Link sat behind a series of screens that provided the crew weapons, maps, system and ship status, and views of the Matrix code that he could provide or relay to the crew.

Link was very competent and skilled as an Operator, but could be very cautious and uneasy. This behavior annoyed Morpheus, who asked Link to instill more trust in what Morpheus asked of him. Part of Link's character development through Reloaded and Revolutions shifts him from initially uneasy to a firm believer not only in Morpheus' leadership abilities but also in the unspecified religion to which Zee is devoted.

When the Nebuchadnezzar is destroyed at the end of The Matrix Reloaded, Link becomes a ship's hand on the hovercraft Hammer. After the hovercraft Logos, piloted by Trinity and Neo, leaves for the Machine City, Logos captain Niobe pilots the Hammer through the narrowest, normally unnavigable tunnels of the underground sewers of the ancient world in an attempt to return home to Zion. Zee aided the Kid in destroying the counterweights of the access doors on the Zion dock, allowing the Hammer to crash land. At that point, Link triggered the EMP weapon on the ship, disabling the first wave of Sentinels and drilling machines that were attacking the city. The crew of the Hammer received a hero's welcome, and Link was reunited with his wife to await the end of the Man/Machine war.

In The Matrix Online, Link now trains all the newly awakened redpills (players) in various programs before they are allowed to enter the Matrix.