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Cypher (played by Joe Pantoliano) is a character in The Matrix. He is referred to as "Mr. Reagan" by Agent Smith.

In the first film of the trilogy, Cypher is one of the rebels from Morpheus' hovercraft, the Nebuchadnezzar. Cypher has grown tired of the Man/Machine war within the Matrix. Harshly disillusioned by the grim existence living on a hovercraft and tired of following Morpheus and his blind faith of the Prophecy, he soon starts to wish that he never learned the truth and left the Matrix in the first place. This prompts him to strike a deal with the Agents. At the beginning of the movie, he nearly has Trinity killed by Agent Smith in successfully proving to the Agents that he, "the informant", was legitimate.

Cypher secretly meets with Agent Smith once more, agreeing to turn Morpheus over to them if the Agents will return Cypher's body, rich and famous, to the Matrix power plant with no knowledge of the Matrix's true nature. How he is able to contact the Agents is not clear. Cypher helps the Agents mount an ambush at their safe location, where Mouse is killed, and then murders Apoc, Switch, and Dozer, and wounds Tank. Before he can kill Neo or Trinity, Tank recovers and kills Cypher.

One of Cypher's most famous quotes from the movie is "Ignorance is bliss", which he utters while speaking with Agent Smith, referring to the state of people inside the Matrix.

Cypher's Legacy: The CypheritesEdit

Although Cypher was killed in the first movie, the 'Cypherites', an organization depicted in the The Matrix Online, carries his belief that the Truth is an unnecessary nightmare. The Cypherites' primary goal was to be put back into a power plant and reinserted into the Matrix, as Cypher wanted to be. After Agent Gray admitted that reinsertion is not possible, the Cypherites' current goal is to work as hard as possible to keep the bluepills asleep, and defeat the Zionites and E Pluribus Neo operatives that oppose their goals.