Burly bttn

BurlyMan Entertainment is a comic book company created by the Wachowski Brothers.

It is the publisher of two collected trade paperbacks:

And ongoing series:

The first volume of "The Matrix Comics" featured an advertisement for "The Art of The Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions", a book which is yet to be published. There have also been rumours of an "Art of the Animatrix" book.

The schedules of the two ongoing titles are irregular at best with a professed bi-monthly release schedule which has never been fulfilled.


The company made an appearance at the 2004 Comic-Con in San Diego which included an actual "Burly Man" (looking very much like their company mascot), and two "Burly Babes" passing out give-aways branded with the company logo and ongoing series' titles.

In a rare live appearance, the Wachowski Brothers themselves were there as well.

In the movie V for Vendetta, posters for a film 'Burlyman 7' can be seen in the background of a tube train and several street scenes.